• My name is

Bogdan Maioreanu

  • Professional experience

I worked 12 years in commercial banks having different positions, mainly in the Corporate banking area. After this I worked 3 years as business consultant for the Financial Services Sector. Now I am the manager of my own financial consulting and training company CAT Management & Consulting Services SRL.

I am an enthusiast trader, currently trading Forex. I traded equities since 1999 and in 2008 I started to trade Forex. I trade my own method and I trade for a living.

  • Why Financial independence?

Because it is a journey that I stared in 2003. During a winter I maxed out my cards and my overdraft limits, two weeks away from the paycheck. I had to beg my work colleagues to provide me some cash to be able to survive. It took me two years to repay all the cards and overdrafts. Since then I promised myself not to live again the shame and I kept my promise.

  • Why reading what I am writing?

If you want to take this journey toward financial independence, then you are in the right place. I will give you some insight from my banking experience and I will try to describe the first steps of the journey. I will also try to explain what is happening in the economic world. We will discuss about investments, stock exchange, Forex, investment funds, etc. We will discuss about credit and debit cards, good and bad loans, banks and insurance. We can take this journey together. It is a journey that requires sacrifices but the prize is incredible: your independence.

  • Comments

I am looking forward impatiently for your comments. I am not the keeper of the absolute truth and I believe that only from dialogue can emerge valuable ideas. Therefore please comment! Thank you.